Alex Bregman (BREG) $5.00 20.0% Albert Pujols (PUJO) $15.00 -7.0% Roger Clemens (CLEM) $28.00 -11.0% Antoine Walker (WALK) $1.00 Tim Raines (RAIN) $22.00 Austin Meadows (MEAD) $1.00 Mickey Mantle (MICK) $474.00 Sandy Koufax (KOFX) $397.00 Joc Pederson (JOCP) $1.00 Derek Jeter (JETR) $85.00 Jacob deGrom (DEGR) $3.00 Yoan Moncada (MONY) $3.00 4.0% Tom Glavine (GLAV) $534.00 CC Sabathia (SABA) $75.00 Keston Hiura (HURA) $1.00 Adrian Beltre (BELT) $37.00 Mike Moustakas (MOUS) $14.00 Christian Yelich (CYEL) $15.00 12.0% Noah Syndergaard (SYND) $2.00 Corey Seager (SGER) $1.00 Aaron Nola (NOLA) $1.00 Kyle Tucker (TKYL) $1.00 Victor Robles (ROBV) $5.00 Andrew Benintendi (BENA) $2.00 Tiger Woods (TIGR) $122.00

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