Antoine Walker (WALK) $10.00 56.0% Stephon Marbury (MARB) $24.00 Lonzo Ball (BALO) $193.00 47.0% Xander Bogaerts (XBOG) $1.00 164.0% Justin Upton (JUPT) $17.00 -4.0% Justin Smith (JUSM) $3.00 156.0% Francisco Lindor (LNDR) $7.00 13.0% Sammy Sosa (SOSA) $6.00 208.0% LeBron James (LBRJ) $510.00 18.0% Joey Bart (BAJO) $3.00 40.0% Ivan Rodriguez (IROD) $31.00 Donovan Mcnabb (MCNB) $12.00 456.0% Daunte Culpepper (CULP) $31.00 214.0% Ricky Williams (RWIL) $7.00 Alex Rodriguez (AROD) $112.00 91.0% Ronald Acuna Jr (ACJR) $65.00 159.0% Rickey Henderson (RIKY) $146.00 28.0% Dwyane Wade (WADE) $534.00 Adrian Peterson (Vikings) (APVK) $20.00 13.0% Dwight Gooden (GOOD) $34.00 45.0% Greg Maddux (MDDX) $617.00 Kevin Durant (DRNT) $637.00 32.0% Harmon Killebrew (KILL) $340.00 Pedro Martinez (PDRO) $110.00 -8.0% Randy Johnson (UNIT) $9.00 90.0%

Account Protection

Safeguarding Your Money

  • holds cash balances for its customers in two customer accounts (segregated from its corporate account) at Citibank, N.A, both entitled “ Customer Account”.
  • lets you see your account balance on its web site at all times.
  • The customer accounts are privately insured under a crime policy that insures for an amount always in excess of existing cash balances held in the accounts.
  • customer accounts at Citibank are reconciled every day to internal systems.
  • All checks, wires and monies posted to the customer accounts at Citibank are recorded and posted onto's back office system each day and a reconciliation between the Citibank accounts and the back office system is completed daily
  • No one individual can write checks against the customer accounts alone. All checks drawn against the customer accounts at Citibank are verified by a second person for errors before being mailed.

Safeguarding Your Cards

  • All sports cards held with in your account are protected under all risk fine art and crime insurance policies through private insurers.  The policies cover against loss due to fire, theft, and/or physical damage or loss.
  • lets you see your card holdings in your account at any time on its web site.
  • Customer cards are stored in a locked, alarmed facility, with limited keypad access.
  • All cards received for deposit into customer accounts are verified for authenticity and quality by an experienced receiving personnel and electronically scanned or entered into inventory.
  • All cards being shipped to clients from their accounts are electronically scanned out of the accounts to prevent shipping errors.

General Controls

  •'s back office system is monitored and reconciled to the customer accounts held at Citibank daily.
  • Access to our back office computer applications and databases is restricted to individual passwords at network operating system level.
  • requires you to identify and authenticate yourself to our web site using a user name and a password of your choice.