Jorge Polanco (POLJ) $5.00 25.0% Chipper Jones (CHIP) $14.00 Adrian Beltre (BELT) $35.00 Andrew Benintendi (BENA) $2.00 Aaron Judge (JUDG) $30.00 Russell Westbrook (WBRK) $59.00 Michael Jordan (MIKE) $1,060.00 Colin Moran (MOCO) $9.00 Jorge Soler (SOLR) $17.00 Sandy Koufax (KOFX) $450.00 Nick Foles (NFOL) $199.00 Tiger Woods (TIGR) $52.00 Randy Moss (MOSS) $45.00 Ken Griffey Jr. (GRIF) $29.00 Vladimir Guerrero (VLAD) $117.00 Todd Gurley (GURL) $115.00 Carlos Beltran (CBEL) $13.00 Vladimir Guerrero Jr (VGJR) $6.00 Ozhaino Albies (ALBO) $1.00 Walter Payton (WPAY) $1,210.00 Kevin Love (KLOV) $5.00 Dirk Nowitzki (DIRK) $29.00 Jason Kidd (KIDD) $9.00 Luke Walton (LWAL) $8.00 Noah Syndergaard (SYND) $17.00

ThePit System Upgrade Update; New IPO's added Wed. 5/31! launched in 2000 with the best technology available at that time. However, six years later, technology has changed dramatically, yet ThePit has never upgraded its infrastructure.

When we (NAXCOM) acquired, we informed users that the system needed to be upgraded and the site would have to be down during the transition. At 12am PST / 3am EST Tuesday May 30, ThePit was shut down as the system was upgraded to new modern techonolgy.

Because it was a very large undertaking, the system was down until early Thursday evening. Users coming to the site may experience some slowness and perhaps a few glitches over the next couple of days. In addition, PayPal will most likely not be available until Wednesday morning, early afternoon as well.

We anticipate that by Wednesday afternoon everything should be back up and running as it was before. We will then introduce 10 New IPO's to ThePit on Wednesday May 30th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST. The new IPO's will be introduced similar to last weeks IPO's with the 10 new items and 10 links posted at the times stated above.

If you have any questions please contact NAXCOM/ThePit Customer Care at or 310.568.8825.

Thank you,

NAXCOM Management