Buster Posey (BPOS) $2.00 275.0% Barry Bonds (BOND) $25.00 -44.0% Greg Maddux (MDDX) $37.00 -8.0% Marshawn Lynch (MRSH) $2.00 50.0% Tiger Woods (TIGR) $47.00 36.0% Vladimir Guerrero (VLAD) $77.00 40.0% Michael Jordan (MIKE) $47.00 400.0% Roy Halladay (RHAL) $12.00 -43.0% Max Fried (MAXF) $0.00 108.0% Jose Altuve (ALTU) $6.00 -43.0% Vladimir Guerrero Jr (VGJR) $31.00 29.0% Joey Votto (VOTO) $317.00 -16.0% Bowman Baseball Hobby Edition (BO13) $124.00 4.0% Byron Buxton (BBUX) $8.00 Jacob deGrom (DEGR) $7.00 525.0% Mike Evans (EVAM) $1.00 -3.0% Kurt Warner (WARN) $29.00 109.0% Chris Bosio (BOSO) $62.00 20.0% Miguel Cabrera (MIGC) $217.00 108.0%

<b>We Saved the Best for Last! - The Final 13 IPOs have been Launched! Trade them LIVE now !!!!</b>

It is the final day of the Grand Re-Opening and we have saved the best for last. The buyer contest for the top 10 prizes including the Grand Prize Michael Jordan PSA 9 RC will be very competitve (Here is the Buy Offer Contest Leaderboard) See below for the list of the 10 Cards being given out to the top 10 buyers.

This will also be the strongest group of IPO's of the three days, so you'll want to make sure you are on the site at 1, 3 & 5pm PST. Also don't forget about today's Customer Appreciaton Gift for a Free '89 UD Randy Johnson PSA 9 RC for spending $35+ (See below for details). And we have already had a couple of $100 winners in the Hourly Cash Giveaway, so make sure you check to see if your name comes up.

The Final Group of Today's IPO's are

Matt Cain 2002 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Delmon Young 2003 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Travis Hafner 2001 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Jarrod Saltalamacchia 2003 Bowman Chrome Draft Rookie
Andy LaRoche 2005 Bowman Chrome Auto Rookie
LaDainian Tomlinson 2001 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Jameer Nelson 2004 SPX Rookie
Steve Nash 1996 Topps Chrome Rookie
Stephen Drew 2005 Bowman Chrome Auto Rookie
Amare Stoudemire 2002 SPX Auto Jersey Rookie
Rickie Weeks Bowman Chrome Draft Auto Rookie
Richie Robnett 2004 Bowman Chrome Rookie
J.R. Smith SPX Rookie Card
The Second Group of Sunday's IPO's were

Craig Biggio 1988 Score Rookie Traded
B.J. Upton 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Rookie
Matt Bush 2004 Bowman Chrome Draft Auto Rookie
Cadillac Williams 2005 SPX Autographed Rookie
Charlie Villanueva 2005 SPX Jersey Auto Rookie
Channing Frye 2005 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Hanley Ramirez 2003 Bowman Chrome Auto Rookie
Jay Rainville 2004 Bowman Sterling Rookie
Francisco Rodriguez 2000 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Mike Jacobs 2001 Stadium Club Rookie
Kirk Hinrich 2003 Topps Chrome Rookie
The First Group of Sunday's IPO's were:

Cole Hamels 2002 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
Danny Granger SPX AUtographed Jersey Rookie
Irvin Guzman Topps Chrome Traded Rookie Card
Steven Jackson SPX Autographed Rookie
Cameron Maybin Bowman Chrome AFLAC Rookie
Marvin Williams Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Tayshaun Prince SPX Autographed Jersey Rookie
Victor Martinez SPX Autographed Rookie
Jered Weaver 2005 Topps Chrome Traded Update
Lamar Odom 1999 SPX Rookie
Kirk Hinrich 2003 Topps Chrome Rookie
Both Friday and Saturday's IPO's (Initial Player Offering) traded in record numbers. Here is a list of what was released on Friday and Saturday.

Saturday's Group

Ben Gordon 2004-05 SP Authentic Autograph Rookie
Casey Kotchman Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
LaDianian Tomlinson Bowman Rookie Card
Emanuel Ginobili SP Authentic Rookie
Kevin Jones SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
Travis Hafner Bowman Rookie Card
Mike Pelfrey Upper Deck USA Rookie
Edgar Renteria 1994 Bowman Rookie Card
Sebastian Telfair SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
Jason Vargas 2004 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
Jake Peavy 2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premier Rookie

The second group of Saturday's IPO's were:

Carlos Zambrano 2000 Bowman Chrome RC
Colby Rasmus Bowman Chrome DP Autographed Rookie
J.J. Arrington SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
Alex Smith (49ers QB) Topps Chrome Rookie
Josh Childress SPx Auotgraphed Jersey Rookie
Devin Harris SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
Heath Miller Topps Chrome Rookie
Jorge Cantu 2000 Bowman Chrome Rookie
Torii Hunter 1994 Bowman Rookie
Tony Parker Bowman Chrome Rookie
Charlie Villanueva Bowman Chrome Rookie

The first group of Saturday's IPO's were:

Andrew McCutchen Topps Chrome Autographed Rookie
Hines Ward 1998 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Aaron Rodgers Topps Chrome Rookie Card
Aaron Rowand 2000 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Ben Wallace Ultra Rookie Card
Brandon Stokley SPx Autographed Rookie Card
Hank Blalock Topps Traded Rookie Card
J.P. Losman SPx Autographed Rookie
Salim Stoudamire SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie
C.J. Henry Topps Chrome Update Rookie
Javier Herrera Bowman Chrome DP Rookie

List of Friday's IPO's

The first batch of 11 IPO's were:

Sidney Crosby UD Young Guns
Kirby Puckett 1985 Topps RC
Dwight Howard 2004-05 SPx Autographed Jsy
Bobby Abreu 1995 Bowman's Best RC
Ben Gordon 2004-05 Topps Chrome RC
Hideki Matsui 2003 Upper Deck RC
Brian Roberts 2001 Donruss The Rookies RC
Matt Clement 1997 Bowman Chrome RC
Pedro Feliz 2000 Bowman Chrome RC
Blake Dewitt 2004 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
Troy Tulowitzki 2005 Bowman Chrome DP RC

Second group of Friday's IPO's included:

Braylon Edwards 2005 SPx Autographed Jsy
Amare Stoudemire '02 Topps Chrome
Ian Stewart '03 Upper Deck Prospect Premiers
Wade Boggs 1983 Topps Rookie Card
Josh Beckett 1999 Fleer Tradition Update RC
Sam Cassell 1993 Finest RC
Derek Lowe 1992 Bowman Rookie Card
Chris Carpenter 1994 Bowman's Best Rookie Card
Luol Deng 2004 Topps Chrome Rookie Card
Jay Bruce 2005 Bowman Chrome DP RC
Champ Bailey 1999 SPx Autographed Jsy RC. Trading Halted. Will be relaunched with Saturday's group.

The 3rd group of IPO's that launched on Friday included:

Roy Halladay 1997 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Mushin Muhammad 1996 SP Rookie Card
Howie Long 1984 Topps Rookie Card
Garret Anderson 1992 Bowman Rookie Card
Nick Swisher 2002 Bowman Chrome Rookie Card
Ryne Sandberg 1983 Topps Rookie Card
Mike Hampton 1992 Bowman Rookie Card
Daric Barton 2003 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
Zach Jackson 2004 Bowman Chrome DP Rookie
Josh Smith 2004 SPx Autograph Jersey
Marvin Williams SPx Autographed Jersey Rookie Card. Trading Halted. Will be relaunched with Saturday's group.

Since NAXCOM's acquisition of ThePit.com from the Topps Company, a lot of investments have been made into the site. Some of the new features & enhancements include the addition of over 70 new items, PayPal (both pay & receive), addition of a Shopping Cart, ability to see all Bids/Asks on each item. The newest feature (which just launched on Wednesday) now allow users to post Bids without having to previously fund their account.

As a result of all of these changes and enhancements ThePit is experiencing record breaking transactions and surpassing all of the most optimistic forecasts.

Because of all of the new features and enhancements made to the site, a special 3-Day Grand Re-opening is now going on and will last throughout the weekend (March 17, 18 & 19). Over the 3 days a lot will be going on including;

#1. 100 New IPO's (Initial Player Offerings) of the top players and prospects will be introduced to ThePit for the first time!

See Below For the list of Friday's 33 IPO's that were launched
33 on Saturday - 11 IPO's at 1pm, 3pm & 5pm
34 on Sunday (1pm, 3pm & 5pm)

#2. Hourly Cash Giveaway

Every hour a new $10.00 cash winner is announced on thepit.com home page. Each hour a new "Active" user will be randomly selected. If the $10.00 goes unclaimed it will continue to accummulate until someone claims the cash prize (Giveaway will end at 12am PST Monday 3/19).

*Cash Winners must use their winning(s) on the site and can not cash out. Winner must claim their cash winning the hour their name is displayed on the home page. Once a winner claims their cash winnings, the cash prize will reset to $10.00. An "Active" user is someone who has bought or sold an item on ThePit within seven days prior to the Grand Re-Opening Weekend (3/9 - 16).

#3. Top Buyer Contest

The following prizes will be awarded to the Top 10 Buyers (by dollars) during the 3 days of the Grand Re-Opening. Click Here For The Buy Offer Contest Leaderboard - Next update will be on Sunday.

Grand Prize - Michael Jordan 1986-87 Fleer PSA 9 Rookie Card ($1000 Value)

2nd Place - Alex Rodriguez 1994 SP PSA 9 Rookie Card ($300 Value)
3rd Place - LeBron James 2003-04 Topps Chrome PSA 10 Rookie Card ($125 Value)
4th Place - Vladimir Guerrero 1995 Bowman's Best PSA 9 Rookie Card ($75 Value)
5th Place - Albert Pujols 2001 Upper Deck PSA 9 Rookie Card ($50 Value)
6th Place - Peyton Manning 1998 Bowman Chrome PSA 9 Rookie Card ($40 Value)
7th Place - Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Upper Deck PSA 9 Rookie Card ($25 Value)
8th Place - Roger Clemens 1985 Topps PSA 8 Rookie Card ($20 Value)
9th Place - Barry Bonds 1986 Topps Traded PSA 8 Rookie Card ($17 Value)
10th Place - Kobe Bryant 1996-97 SP PSA 9 ($15 Value)

*All cards will be deposited into the winner's accounts. Winners will be announced on ThePit.com Home Page on Wednesday 3/22. Click Here For The Buy Offer Contest Leaderboard - Next update will be on Sunday.

#4. Customer Appreciation

Spend $35 or more on the following days and you will receive the following items FREE!

Spend $35+ on Friday 3/17 for a Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Topps Traded PSA 9 RC
Saturday - Michael Vick eTopps Uncirculated Encased RC
Sunday - Randy Johnson 1989 Upper Deck PSA 9 RC

*Buyers must email info@naxcom.com with the day(s) that they purchased $35 or more to receive their free card(s) into their account. If you purchase $35 or more on all 3 days you are entitled to all 3 cards.

It is going to be a very exciting weekend so make sure you join in and be a part of the continued growth of ThePit.com!!!