Barry Bonds (BOND) $11.00 16.0% Tim Duncan (DUNC) $120.00 32.0% Vince Carter (VINC) $112.00 26.0% Anthony Rendon (AREN) $4.00 293.0% David Ortiz (Arias) (DORT) $42.00 -42.0% Juan Soto (SOTO) $9.00 Max Scherzer (SMAX) $7.00 4.0% Willie Mays (MAYS) $103.00 31.0% Roberto Clemente (CLMT) $74.00 -25.0% Alex Bregman (BREG) $5.00 -5.0% Carson Wentz (WETZ) $129.00 -34.0% Stephen Curry (CURY) $110.00 -26.0% Gerrit Cole (GCOL) $3.00 1067.0% Emmitt Smith (EMMT) $42.00 23.0% Cassius / Muhammed Clay / Ali (ALIM) $17.00 13.0% Jacoby Ellsbury (JELS) $17.00 92.0% Rickey Henderson (RIKY) $81.00 6.0% Marshall Faulk (FALK) $47.00 24.0% Todd Helton (HELT) $30.00 25.0% Tony Parker (TPRK) $4.00 -19.0% Jacob deGrom (DEGR) $2.00 72.0% Jose Fernandez (FERN) $17.00 36.0% Peyton Manning (MANN) $44.00 16.0% Tommy Heinsohn (THEI) $80.00 Baker Mayfield (MAYF) $59.00

New Announcement

USC phenom, Heisman Trophy Winner & Projected 1st Overall Pick, Reggie Bush, will be making his first autograph appearance ever at a show. Reggie Bush will be joining the likes of Hall of Fame Joe Montana and 15 other sports celebrities at the NAXCOM & Hall of Fame Sports Collectibles Expo, Feb. 10 - 12 Hollywood Park Show in Los Angeles, California.

The Hollywood Park Show is not only the largest show in Southern California, but one of the largest shows in the country. Over 250 Dealer Tables of the nations top Vintage, Modern, Wax and Sports Autograph Memorabilia Dealers. On-Site Grading Companies, Beckett (BGS), PSA, Global Authentication (GAI) will also be on site. For all of the show and autograph information go to NAXCOM Trade Show information page at

Over 300 players and 500 cards will be added to over the few months. The first 10 IPO's (Initial Player Offerings) made their debut last week trading for the first time ever on ThePit. The 10 IPO's did very well with 9 of the 10 IPO's ending up well above their initial IPO price. This week 10 more IPO's will be announced on Tuesday at 1pm. For a sneak peek at one of the ten new cards being added to ThePit for the first time, visit ThePit General Sports Forums .

The inventory from the Topps fullfilment center has been arrived to the NAXCOM fullfilment center and is currently being unpacked and organized. We expect that all orders will be shipped out by Tuesday. We will keep you updated if there are any problems or set backs. Thank you for your patience but after Tuesday, shipping orders are expected to be back on schedule.