Trevor Story (TRES) $28.00 Austin Meadows (MEAD) $27.00 Xander Bogaerts (XBOG) $2.00 11.0% Chris Sale (CSLE) $3.00 -24.0% Matt Ryan (MTRY) $7.00 -9.0% Karl Malone (KARL) $149.00 -23.0% Mike Stanton / Giancarlo Stanton (MIKS) $6.00 -20.0% Derek Carr (CDER) $17.00 Nelson Cruz (NCRZ) $34.00 4.0% Tim Duncan (DUNC) $15.00 17.0% Kobe Bryant (KOBE) $9.00 -11.0% Mark Mcgwire (MACK) $12.00 10.0% Justin Smoak (JSMK) $26.00 -18.0% Freddie Freeman (FMAN) $2.00 7.0% Arian Foster (ARAN) $7.00 7.0% Marshall Faulk (FALK) $7.00 31.0% Kris Bryant (KBRT) $4.00 -33.0% Mookie Betts (BETM) $9.00 221.0% Buster Posey (BPOS) $81.00 21.0% Mitch Haniger (HANM) $0.00 Alex Bregman (BREG) $1.00 9.0% Nick Markakis (NMRK) $1.00 100.0% Albert Pujols (PUJO) $92.00 16.0% Don Mattingly (DMAT) $21.00 5.0% Andrew Benintendi (BENA) $9.00 17.0%

New Features New Features!

Many new features have been added on ThePit since NAXCOM acquired the site from Topps last year. Now, ThePit is about to have a whole new group of new features that will be added over the summer. The first new feature will be the addition of the MultiMarketLister, which will allow users on ThePit to have any of their holdings listed for sale on ThePit with eBay, NAXCOM, Amazon, Google/Froogle, Yahoo Shopping along with many others. More details will be announced on, (the owner of ThePit) and

In addition to MML, a new email alert system will also be launched that will notify a user when a better bid or ask has been placed over their bid and ask price. Look for these new features along with many others to launch this coming summer.