Austin Riley (RILA) $3.00 -65.0% Paul Goldschmidt (GLDS) $7.00 87.0% Eloy Jimenez (JIME) $10.00 Eddie Murray (EMUR) $173.00 12.0% Dennis Eckersley (DECK) $113.00 106.0% Michael Kopech (KOPM) $1.00 77.0% Todd Helton (HELT) $118.00 155.0% Jose Ramirez (RAMJ) $3.00 Jean Segura (JEAN) $9.00 -67.0% J.D. Martinez (MAJD) $2.00 -14.0% Shohei Ohtani (OHSH) $191.00

<b>PayPal & New Features Update</b>

We are scheduled to release the following New Features by Friday February 3.
    Ability to pay with PayPal
    Ability to Post Bids/Buy Offers without previously funding your account
    Ability to view all of the bids/asks of a specific item
    Ability to post multiple bids and asks within a specific item
    Daily % change will be changed to reflect the last transaction price, not the mid-point of the bid-ask.

In mid to late February, the Shopping Cart feature should be up and running.