Ken Griffey Jr. (GRIF) $52.00 5.0% Rickey Henderson (RIKY) $51.00 2.0% Shaquille O'Neal (SHAQ) $20.00 21.0% Nick Foles (NFOL) $3.00 491.0% Michael Kopech (KOPM) $2.00 67.0% Corey Seager (SGER) $4.00 -21.0% Vladimir Guerrero Jr (VGJR) $2.00 Albert Pujols (PUJO) $55.00 -29.0% Jose Abreu (ABRJ) $64.00 6.0% Cal Ripken Jr. (RIPK) $52.00 4.0% Craig Biggio (BIGG) $40.00 -11.0% Jim Thome (TOME) $17.00 81.0% Derek Jeter (JETR) $169.00 -2.0% Chipper Jones (CHIP) $16.00 -18.0% Noah Syndergaard (SYND) $16.00 35.0% Devonta Freeman (FRDO) $20.00 J.D. Martinez (MAJD) $2.00 Jackie Bradley Jr. (JBJR) $57.00 20.0% Mike Stanton / Giancarlo Stanton (MSTN) $975.00 34.0% Anthony Rizzo (RIZO) $1.00 35.0% Alex Gordon (AGOR) $24.00 -20.0% Starlin Castro (STRL) $72.00 10.0% Pedro Martinez (PDRO) $27.00 -24.0% Sammy Sosa (SOSA) $11.00 -17.0% Billy Hamilton (BHAM) $33.00 -7.0%


As a token of our appreciation for making our first day as the New Owners of a great success, we will be putting $10.00 into every users account that made a purchase on on our first day as the new owners (Jan. 18). The money will be put into your account at the end of business on Friday for you to spend on the site.

We are very excited about all of the changes that will be made over the next few months and you can be sure that we will be doing more customer appreciation suprises like this during that time. Thank you again to all of loyal users and get ready for the 10 New IPO's that will be announced on Tuesday at 1pm PST.

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