Christian Yelich (CYEL) $6.00 243.0% Blake Bortles (BORT) $17.00 Mookie Betts (BETM) $2.00 125.0% Gleyber Torres (TGLE) $172.00 Yasiel Puig (PUIG) $21.00 38.0% Zack Greinke (ZACK) $101.00 4.0% Andrew Benintendi (BENA) $2.00 -7.0% Shohei Ohtani (OHSH) $3.00 Magic Bird (MABI) $327.00 -7.0% Barry Sanders (SAND) $33.00 88.0% Baker Mayfield (MAYF) $14.00 Josh Rosen (ROSJ) $12.00 Rafael Devers (DVRS) $2.00 -8.0% Derek Carr (CDER) $12.00 -37.0% Albert Pujols (PUJO) $79.00 21.0% Kyle Schwarber (SCHK) $75.00 -42.0% Dustin Pedroia (PDRA) $51.00 -6.0% Barry Bonds (BOND) $12.00 -15.0% Todd Helton (HELT) $29.00 65.0% Curt Schilling (SHIL) $23.00 -2.0% Jose Altuve (ALTU) $8.00 -15.0% Justin Verlander (VERJ) $5.00 82.0% Tom Brady (TBRA) $1,487.00 19.0% Tiger Woods (TIGR) $49.00 30.0% Todd Gurley (GURL) $4.00 35.0%

Update on the acquisition of is being acquired. While full details will not be announced until January 17th (3pm EST), Topps wanted to let all of users know, as soon as possible, that they have carefully selected to sell the to a company that believes in model and are dedicated to doing all they can to help reach its maximum potential.

The new company has already started the process of making an even better marketplace. Soon after the acquisition is completed, the new owners will launch the following new features:

  • PayPal will be added, along with the ability to pay with Am. Ex and Discover in addition to Visa and Mastercard.
  • A Shopping Cart feature will be added allowing a buyer to purchase multiple items quickly and efficiently.
  • The database of players will be revamped with new players added and many "stale" players removed.
  • Ungraded/Raw Rookie Cards will be offered. (New players and Ungraded Cards will be made available through IPO's).
  • The ability to put up buy offers without having to previously fund your account.
  • Review the current fee structure.
  • A restructuring of the message boards.
  • Updating the site text and info as well as a site redesign.
  • Changing the % change of a card to the last transaction rather than the mid-point between the bid and ask.
  • Greater marketing exposure in hobby publications, at shows and on the Internet.
  • Contests and Prizes for rewarding the top Pit users.

  • Currently, the new owners have a thread on message boards. To see what they are saying and to ask them a question of your own go back to the Home Page and scroll down to the Your Suggestions Wanted Link.

    Topps would like to thank all of users and we want you all to know that Topps is dedicated to helping the new ownership to make the transition as easy and successful as possible. Once again, please check back on January 17th for all the exciting details regarding the acquisition and all of the new features headed for