Trevor Story (TRES) $28.00 Austin Meadows (MEAD) $27.00 Xander Bogaerts (XBOG) $2.00 11.0% Chris Sale (CSLE) $3.00 -24.0% Matt Ryan (MTRY) $7.00 -9.0% Karl Malone (KARL) $149.00 -23.0% Mike Stanton / Giancarlo Stanton (MIKS) $6.00 -20.0% Derek Carr (CDER) $17.00 Nelson Cruz (NCRZ) $34.00 4.0% Tim Duncan (DUNC) $15.00 17.0% Kobe Bryant (KOBE) $9.00 -11.0% Mark Mcgwire (MACK) $12.00 10.0% Justin Smoak (JSMK) $26.00 -18.0% Freddie Freeman (FMAN) $2.00 7.0% Arian Foster (ARAN) $7.00 7.0% Marshall Faulk (FALK) $7.00 31.0% Kris Bryant (KBRT) $4.00 -33.0% Mookie Betts (BETM) $9.00 221.0% Buster Posey (BPOS) $81.00 21.0% Mitch Haniger (HANM) $0.00 Alex Bregman (BREG) $1.00 9.0% Nick Markakis (NMRK) $1.00 100.0% Albert Pujols (PUJO) $92.00 16.0% Don Mattingly (DMAT) $21.00 5.0% Andrew Benintendi (BENA) $9.00 17.0%

Important Announcement Concerning thePit

One Whitehall Street
New York, NY 10004

December 23, 2005

Dear Valued Pit Account Holder,

Thank you for your patronage of our service.

We are sending this letter to inform you that thePit has entered into a Letter of Intent to sell its business.

We see the prospective acquirer as a great fit for thePit, with vast experience in the Sports Collectibles Industry and Marketplaces.

The scheduled closing date for the sale is January 16, 2006. ThePit will continue to operate as it has until this date so that you may continue to enter orders to buy or sell and/or request delivery of your card and cash balances. The prospective acquirer has indicated that it will run thePit in the same manner as it currently operates for the foreseeable future.

After January 16th, all customer cash and card accounts will be assumed by the new owner. After this date, Topps will no longer be responsible for safeguarding any customer accounts or holdings.

Check for more information concerning the prospective sale as it becomes available.

It has been our pleasure serving you over the past five years. Please know that we genuinely appreciate your patronage, loyalty and support of thePit.

Sincerely, Team