Vladimir Guerrero (VLAD) $46.00 0.0% Carlos Beltran (CBEL) $3.00 -0.5% Dwight Howard (DWHO) $3.00 -0.2% Carlos Correa (CCOR) $8.00 0.2% Mike Stanton / Giancarlo Stanton (MSTN) $592.00 Michael Jordan (MIKE) $1,497.00 -0.1% Tiger Woods (TIGR) $42.00 Kurt Warner (WARN) $32.00 0.1% Stephen Strasburg (SSTR) $64.00 -0.6% Emmitt Smith (EMMT) $25.00 0.0% Randy Moss (MOSS) $11.00 -0.5% Mark Mcgwire (MACK) $49.00 -0.2% Willie Mays (MAYS) $107.00 -0.1% Peyton Manning (MANN) $20.00 0.4% Adrian Beltre (BELT) $41.00 -0.2% Eloy Jimenez (JIME) $2.00 Yoan Moncada (MONY) $2.00 0.1% Anthony Rizzo (RIZO) $1.00 1.3% Kevin Durant (DRNT) $98.00 -0.1% Hunter Harvey (HARV) $4.00 0.7% Roy Halladay (RHAL) $8.00 -0.7% Barry Bonds (BOND) $101.00 -0.2% Ken Griffey Jr. (GRIF) $27.00 -0.1% Derek Jeter (JETR) $42.00 0.1% James Harden (JDEN) $6.00 2.0%

New Florida Marlin Acquisitions Highlight thePit/Card-Bored.com Prospect Report for 12/10

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New Page 1 The winter meetings have just wrapped up and the Florida Marlins have been completely dismantled.....for now. The majority of folks are chuckling about the sorry state of the Marlins but it is apparent to the minor league novice that the Fish may just get the last laugh. In fact, what most don't realize is that the Marlins will become the model for rebuilding all major league baseball franchises.

In just two weeks the Marlins have acquired some of the best prospects in baseball with a heavy emphasis on pitching. They were able to obtain the New York Mets top two pitching prospects: Gaby Hernandez and Yusimiero Petit, the Red Sox top pitching and hitting prospects, Anibal Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez; three pitching prospects from the Chicago Cubs Sergio Mitre, Renyel Pinto and Ricky Nolasco; and they also picked up a couple nice prospects from the Twins in the Luis Castillo deal, one of which may have a shot to close for the Marlins in 2006. Travis Bowyer had 23 saves for the Triple-A Rochester Wings in 2005 and K'd 96 in only 74 innings pitched.

In my opinion, Ricky Nolasco was the prize pickup for the Marlins. Nolasco was the pitcher of the year for Southern League (Double-A) in 2005 and may have an opportunity to start for the Marlins in 2006 alongside Dontrelle Willis and Scott Olson. Nolasco was 14-3 with a 2.89 ERA and struck out an impressive 173 batters in only 161 innings pitched.

It is my guess that in two years, the Marlins will have sorted out their stadium issues and will be in a position again to start paying for major league talent. Don't be surprised to see the Las Vegas Marlins win their franchises 3rd World Series in 2008 backed by phenoms Anibal Sanchez and Yusimiero Petit and veterans Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera. Just take a look at the players full stats and you make the call: