Vladimir Guerrero (VLAD) $46.00 0.0% Carlos Beltran (CBEL) $3.00 -0.5% Dwight Howard (DWHO) $3.00 -0.2% Carlos Correa (CCOR) $8.00 0.2% Mike Stanton / Giancarlo Stanton (MSTN) $592.00 Michael Jordan (MIKE) $1,497.00 -0.1% Tiger Woods (TIGR) $42.00 Kurt Warner (WARN) $32.00 0.1% Stephen Strasburg (SSTR) $64.00 -0.6% Emmitt Smith (EMMT) $25.00 0.0% Randy Moss (MOSS) $11.00 -0.5% Mark Mcgwire (MACK) $49.00 -0.2% Willie Mays (MAYS) $107.00 -0.1% Peyton Manning (MANN) $20.00 0.4% Adrian Beltre (BELT) $41.00 -0.2% Eloy Jimenez (JIME) $2.00 Yoan Moncada (MONY) $2.00 0.1% Anthony Rizzo (RIZO) $1.00 1.3% Kevin Durant (DRNT) $98.00 -0.1% Hunter Harvey (HARV) $4.00 0.7% Roy Halladay (RHAL) $8.00 -0.7% Barry Bonds (BOND) $101.00 -0.2% Ken Griffey Jr. (GRIF) $27.00 -0.1% Derek Jeter (JETR) $42.00 0.1% James Harden (JDEN) $6.00 2.0%

2006 Baseball Breakout Candidates Highlight thePit/Card-Bored.com Prospect Report for 11/14

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Blue Light Specials. I was scanning the universe of Pit.com uncirculated cards and discovered some possible breakthrough candidates for 2006. They are Chris Colton of the Seattle Mariners, Dusty Brown of the Boston Red Sox, Kody Kirkland of the Detroit Tigers, Manny Parra of the Milwaukee Brewers, and Neil Wilson of the Colorado Rockies.

Seattle outfield prospect Chris Colton split his 2005 season between Low-A Wisconsin and High-A Inland Empire and produced mixed results. Colton hit .335 with 12 home runs, 36 RBIs and 10 stolen bases in 203 at-bats for Wisconsin and hit .243 with 4 home runs, 23 RBIs and five stolen bases in 167 at-bats for Inland Empire. Now Colton did struggle after his promotion but he did not completely fall apart. Colton is still young, can hit for power and has speed. Keep an eye on him in 2006.

Boston catching prospect Dusty Brown had a fine 2005 campaign. Brown, a converted outfielder, hit .256 with 8 home runs and 36 RBIs in only 219 at-bats. Brown is considered to be a fine defender and can hit for power. Look for Brown to get more at-bats this season with Double-A Portland and for him to emerge as the Sox top backstop, especially if Kelly Shoppach is dealt.

Third base prospect Kody Kirkland of the Detroit Tigers had a solid 2005 campaign which should reestablish him as a top prospect in the Tigers organization. Kirkland hit .266 with 16 home runs and 65 RBIs while swiping 10 bases for High-A Lakeland. Kirkland lowered his strike outs from 2004 to a more respectable 102 in 443 at-bats. 2006 may be a breakthrough season for Kirkland.

Catching prospect Neil Wilson of the Colorado Rockies is completely off the radar screens but should be given a closer look. In only 299 at-bats, Wilson hit .271 with 10 home runs and 51 RBIs for Low-A Asheville

Pitching prospect Manny Parra of the Milwaukee Brewers had a solid 2005 season. While pitching for Double-A Huntsville, Parra was 5-6 in 16 starts and posted a 3.96 ERA with 86 K's in 91 innings pitched. Batters did hit .295 against Parra so 2006 could prove to be a make or break season. Stay tuned.