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Clemens files for free agency

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New York, NY (Sports Network) - Future Hall-of-fame pitcher Roger Clemens filed for free agency on Thursday, meaning the seven-time Cy Young award winner is most likely seeking to play in his 23rd straight season.

Clemens, who finished third in the NL Cy Young voting that was announced on Thursday, went 13-8 with a major league-best 1.87 ERA this past season with the Houston Astros. It was Clemens' second straight year with the Astros.

Clemens, who took home his seventh Cy Young award in 2004 during his first year in a Houston uniform, held opposing batters to a .198 batting average and fanned 185 in 211 1/3 innings of work for the NL pennant- winning Astros. However, he ended with only 13 wins, primarily due to lack of offensive support.

Also filing for free agency on Thursday was Boston first baseman John Olerud, Houston pitcher Russ Springer, Angels designated hitter Tim Salmon, Dodgers pitcher Wilson Alvarez and pitchers Felix Heredia and Shingo Takatsu of the Mets.




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